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Teachers can create and deliver assignments, request peer- and self-assessment and organize exams, while school coordinators can manage course enrollments, online recruitment etc.

Start teaching with Formjack:

  1. Create a user account with this form.
  2. Log in with the user credentials you created.
    1. Your username is the e-mail address you submitted. When you use Formjack for the first time, log in with the temporary password you created.
    2. After you have logged in, change your password by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and selecting "Profile settings."
  3. Familiarize yourself with the software and use it freely.
  4. Edit existing forms or create news ones.
  5. Send your students assignments and assess the assignments quickly and effectively.
  6. Send the results or correct answers to the students via Formjack.

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The service has video tutorials on how to use Formjack
The service also includes a quickstart guide for Formjack

Remote teaching using our products

While many teachers are just learning how to use digital tools for teaching, others are already experts in using ICT for pedagogical purposes. In both cases, they are now all becoming pioneers in this teaching modality. Eduix wants to support the teachers around the world in using the appropriate online resources to effectively reach their students' educational needs.

The Eduix tools that can support schools and teachers to fulfill their educational purposes are:



Platform for managing and collecting information

Teaching with Formjack

Collecting data

In times like these, taking care of ourselves and our students’ emotional and psychological health is one of our priorities as educators. Formjack supports effectively collecting data about school staff and students’ well-being through its wide range of features, such as a user- and mobile-friendly form editor and interfaces, privacy policy, sending forms for specific target groups, exporting data for analysis etc.

Check out our template for a survey about students' well-being.


Teachers can create all kinds of assignments: open- and close-ended questions, multiple choice questions, reports and portfolios where images, links, and other types of attachments can be added to the system.

Formjack also allows teachers to target different groups of students to receive specific assignments, which enables differentiation and personalized learning.

Check out our assignment template.


On one hand, self-assessment has a long tradition of encouraging students to take responsibility of their learning, and Formjack can boost students’ self-evaluation. On the other, peer assessment is a powerful tool with which students help each others to learn. The workflow procedures in Formjack let teachers forward a student’s work to another for peer review and constructive feedback.

Check out our template for a survey where students submit their self- and peer assessment on their teamwork.


Remote teaching requires teachers to think even more about how to assess students' learning. These reflections are supported by the concepts of formative and summative assessment.

The privacy policy and data protection that Formjack offers, as well as the analytical tools within the system, are strong reasons for teachers to consider using Formjack for organizing exams. Formjack can also integrate authentication from your school's system, guaranteeing transparency and safety. The exam results can also be exported into spreadsheets and statistical programs for more in-depth analysis.

Check out our blog post explaining how eExams can be developed and applied with Formjack.

Managing data collection

With Formjack, you can manage both simple and more complex activities and needs of your school during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as recruitment for teacher training about remote teaching or students’ enrollment remote courses.

The software gives you means to organize and handle information, and you can view it within Formjack or export them into spreadsheet and statistics programs.

Use case: Managing course enrollment

Students enroll to school, courses, exercises etc.

You can manage the workflow by adding roles and tasks to your colleagues

Processing the enrollments (verifications, approvals, rejections)

The system sends students notifications on their enrollment status

You can view the results within Formjack or import them into spreadsheet and statistics programs

Formjack for remote learning


Our other best-known products are the Peppi platform for educational management, Wihi for thesis management, and Collecte for data collection and cultural preservation. 90% of Finnish higher education institutions use our products in their daily operation.


Education resource planner and management platform



System for thesis management



System for collection management and organization


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Since our foundation, Eduix is committed to optimizing cultural and education systems by digitizing processes. Such aims are even more crucial in critical times, such as the ones we are facing now.

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